Listing Optimization is the #2 most important feature (Product Photos are #1) of a Product Page on Amazon. Some would say it is just as important as Photography. There are two reasons for this. The first reason is obvious: You want to have a highly relevant Title, Bullet Points that lay out features and benefits, and a Description that draws the prospective buyer in through a narrative that ultimately converts them into a customer. 


However, just as important, is the ability for Amazon’s Algorithm to find your listing relevant for Keywords related to your product. In a Listing Optimization, these keywords - and not just any Keywords, but High Volume Search Phrases that will lead to sales - are carefully placed within the Product Page Text, and the Back End of the listing to make you super-searchable and rankable within the Amazon marketplace. Having an Optimized Product Page is essential for your product to succeed on Amazon.

Our Listing Optimization Package Includes:

  • Product- and Competitor-Specific Keyword Research

  • Keyword-Optimized Product Title

  • Keyword-Optimized Bullet Points

  • Keyword-Optimized Product Description

  • Back-end Entry of Relevant Keywords

  • Upload of client-procured images

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