Amazon Pay Per Click (PPC) is essential to the Product Launch process as well as to the ongoing sales and ranking of your products. 

We have developed proven strategies and techniques that make optimal use of the Amazon PPC platform and provide results that are second to none. We employ a dedicated campaign management team and regularly invest in state-of-the-art software that helps us scale your campaigns with the same abilities and resources that big brands and other Top Sellers employ. 

Amazon PPC, like any advertising, is dynamic - the rules and the competition change all of the time. There are many factors that affect PPC, including, but not limited to: your product, product page, pricing, listing optimization, competitive environment, seasonality, etc. We recommend that you have a “Retail Ready” listing with professional product photos and keyword optimization before engaging in Amazon PPC, or any product launch service

Most clients with access to our full product launch service package see significant positive results by the end of Month 1, which continue to improve in Months 2, 3, 4, and beyond with additional months of PPC Management, as we Optimize and Scale their campaign(s). During that time, we perform continuous testing to discover which keywords convert best for your product, and then hone the keywords that are most profitable for you.

Our Amazon Sponsored Ads Package Includes:

  • Current PPC Campaign Audit (if applicable)

  • Competitor PPC Strategy Research

  • Proprietary Amazon PPC focused Product-Specific Keyword Research 

  • Multi-Campaign Creation - Mirrored Campaign approach

  • Monthly Subscription for Daily Campaign Management

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"PPC was confusing for me as a new seller on Amazon; however, once I found Alden he was able to setup and manage an effective ad campaign that transformed my product's sales in just a matter of months."



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