Product Ranking Promotions are designed to promote high velocity sales for higher-volume products. This is a highly effective strategy for getting to the top ranks of Amazon for any category, which generates high sales velocity originating outside of Amazon in the case that PPC alone is not effective from the outset.

The strategy entails selling a specific number of units at a deep discount. This helps your product rank quickly, and gives you the sales velocity needed to run a Review Generation Campaign without getting flagged by Amazon (Amazon tracks your Review to Sale Velocity).

​With most categories on Amazon, this strategy typically requires sales of 300-1000 units over a one week to one month period. Discount product ranking may not be best suited to your product launch, depending on our determinations as we develop your individual product launch plan. We will provide a recommendation as we move through the launch process.

Our Product Ranking Promotion Package Include:

  • Setup of Facebook Ads and Buyer Groups to sell into

  • Daily Management of the Promotion, including adherence to a defined number of units sold per day

  • 30-Day Campaign

  • 4 Highly Relevant Keywords targeted with the goal of getting in position 1-10 for each of those Keywords over the 30-day period

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